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Real Estate 

FWMK’s Real Estate Department represents numerous leading real estate organizations, including commercial companies, contractors, land and property owners and buyers at all stages of the transactions, from the development, planning and negotiation stages, to their successful culmination.

We support our clients through all types of real estate transactions by providing ongoing legal counsel and guiding the various business aspects of real estate projects, including land and real estate sales and purchases, lease transactions of properties and housing, combination transactions, options in real estate, commercial projects and joint ventures, purchasing groups, urban renewal (gentrification, Plan No. 38), assisted living, real estate financing, contract work agreements, joint venture agreements, and more.

In addition, the department has extensive experience in handling complex transactions and all the required aspects of the real estate sector, including planning, construction, financing agreements, taxes, betterment levies, representation at various authorities, and real estate litigation.

In line with FWMK's professional philosophy, the Real Estate Department also focuses on the commercial and business success of our clients and we strive to handle the legal aspect of every transaction to maximize this success.


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