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As a law firm that is very involved in both the practical and legal aspects, FWMK understands the importance of stabilizing situations related to insolvency proceedings. Every year, the firm is involved in dozens of restructuring, rehabilitation, or liquidation of companies. 

Whether the firm plays the role of a company liquidator, receiver, or leading creditors' settlements, FWMK is always committed to the entire process and takes care of every detail for our clients. 

The high level of professionalism and vast experience of FWMK's Insolvency Department's attorneys has earned them the highest esteem and confidence of the Israeli courts, who repeatedly appoint them as liquidators, special administrators, receivers and trustees in many arrangements in various industries. The firm proves itself time and again as capable of finding an optimal solution for the parties involved. FWMK's Insolvency Department significantly contributes to companies, organizations, and associations in the process of insolvency, and delivers the highest value to our clients. 

It is also important to emphasize that due to the special nature of the field, which spans departments and areas of expertise, FWMK's Insolvency Department implements a 360° approach, which means that it establishes a designated team that is constantly working and advising on early measures to be taken by a company and/or its office-holders prior to commencing insolvency proceedings. The department also provides advice to office-holders regarding liabilities they may be subject to, it handles debt restructuring transactions, and advises the client on early planning of collaterals along with options for protecting creditors' rights.

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